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Welcome to the Next Generation in
Affirmative Action Planning

Berkshire brings you the next generation in affirmative action planning, BALANCEaap Web—a secure, web-based application that gives you much more than traditional software. BALANCEaap Web allows you to create, monitor, and manage a complete OFCCP compliant plan—right from the web.

  • Freedom.
  • Flexibility.
  • Power.

BALANCEaap Web contains all the features you need to meet your compliance objective and stream your AAP process.

Featured Benefits:

Web Based

The Freedom and Usability of the Web
BALANCEaap Web provides the freedom and flexibility of the web—freedom from complicated installations, and flexibility to access your plans from anywhere, at anytime.

  • Develop plans concurrently with unlimited users
  • Freedom from dependency on your IT resources
  • Collaborate with users from any location using an Internet browser
  • Securely publish reports to distribute and view on the web
  • Always use a system built on the latest regulation updates
  • On-demand service providing access to affirmative action specialists for expert guidance
  • Never worry about purchasing or maintaining multiple license fees
Web Based


100% Technically Compliant Every Time
BALANCEaap Web gives you the security of knowing you are monitoring, managing, and completing a compliant plan every time. From start to finish, BALANCEaap Web alerts you of data errors and inconsistencies. Continually updated in accordance with the latest regulation changes and developments, rest assured your plan is 100% OFCCP compliant—complete with all required reports and narratives.

  • Safeguards to ensure data accuracy
  • Alerts you of any inconsistencies
  • Flexibility to select own reporting groups to use in reports
  • Customizable narrative with available templates
  • Create unlimited recruitment areas that reflect your unique hiring practices
  • Create pay analysis and desk audit reports (Tipping Point Analysis)


Automation for an Efficient, Streamlined Process
BALANCEaap Web automates the complex tasks necessary to prepare a compliant affirmative action plan. Easily build customized recruitment areas and save time with Auto Census Coding. BALANCEaap Web performs even the most complex statistical calculations required by the OFCCP and effortlessly produces all the required reports.

  • Save time and resources with automation features
  • Streamline processes with data import and mapping wizard
  • Create multiple plans with single data set
  • Build unlimited number of customized recruitment areas
  • Automate job-field coding using Auto Census Coding feature
  • Compile data history using Start Point™ Analysis for easy Adverse Impact and Goal Attainment reports
  • Use the Reports Distribution System (RDS) to publish easy-to-understand reports and graphs for paperless distribution


Point and Click Your Way to a Complete Plan
If you can “point and click,” you’re on your way to preparing your organization’s affirmative action plan. BALANCEaap Web’s Guide Me and Help features are designed to guide you through every phase of the plan preparation process. Whether you’re new to affirmative action or an experienced professional, BALANCEaap Web has help options appropriate for users at all levels.

  • Step-by-step Guide Me assistance
  • Keyword search on specific topics
  • Complete your plan at any experience level—from beginner to advanced
  • Quick reference information on terms and functions
  • Guided data import from various file formats
  • Fix data errors and inconsistencies, right on the screen


Layers of Safety and Security
BALANCEaap Web offers the peace of mind your data is safe and secure. The web-based environment provides a more stable user experience, and lowers the risk associated with computer viruses and computer crashes. BALANCEaap Web also gives you full control over assigning permission levels so you can manage what users can access. Your data is backed-up regularly and stored in a secure off-site location on our servers under biometric locks—providing you with disaster recovery in the event of an unforeseen incident.

  • User-defined permissions and security levels
  • 128-byte Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for data security
  • Protected against computer viruses and crashes
  • Regularly scheduled data backups and safe storage

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